Assorted Creations

This is a "grab bag" of assorted creative works. Other sections have longer fiction and short stories; this offers a colorful collection of things you can't find other places. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest A Dream of Light.

Christian Koans (medium)
A koan is a unique kind of story that is both short and powerful.

A Dream of Light (medium)

Dreamlike images flow throughout this narrative.

Of Druids and Philosophers

A look at true philosophy.

Espiriticthus: cultures of a fantasy world not touched by evil
An exploration of seven different cultures in a world of pure goodness, a world without evil. This comes to mean seven forms of goodness which are sharply different from each other.

Game Review: Meatspace (medium)

It is, in a sense, a description of the ultimate game.
Fingerprinted Collects (short)
A short collection of prayers, in French and English.
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (short)
A twist on the classic Dr. Seuss story.

Janra Ball: The Headache

A marvelously silly game from planet Espiriticthus.

Jobs for Theologians (short)

An irreverent look at jobs available in theology.
The modern baccaulaureate (short)
You've heard of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Modern Major-General"? Here's an update.

A Note to the Reader

You may not know how much you are appreciated!

The Portal (medium)
The Portal is an interactive story. You're the hero.
Profoundly Gifted Magazine: an Interview with Maximos Planos
What is it like to meet someone who is considered to be in the profoundly gifted range?
Romantic impressions (medium)
A set of vignettes trying to capture romantic impressions like the 19th century Romantics did.
The Way of the Way (medium)
An "early work" collection of poems underscoring something I sensed in Christianity that can be hard to see from the West.