"Autism Spectrum, n..." T-Shirt

A T-shirt with a humorous definition of the autism spectrum.

"COVID Vaccines: The Greatest Breakthrough in Human Health Since DDT" T-Shirt

Arguably too subtle a T-shirt as far as humor goes.

"How do I Love Thee?" T-Shirt

A T-shirt offering a geeky compliment to your friends.

"Orthodox Christian in Communion with CHRIST" T-Shirt

One of two ripostes to the "Orthodox Christian in Communion with Rome" series of popular shirt.

"Roman Catholic in Communion with the Archdruid of Canterbury" T-Shirt

The other riposte to the popular series of "Orthodox Christian in Communion with Rome" shirts.


New Mask: "Second Class Citizen (Not Fully Vaccinated). Still Fully Human."

From early parts of the pandemic.