Orthodox Humor

Orthodox Humor

This section has Christian jokes and humor, and the lighter side of Orthodoxy. If you are looking for a place to start, I suggest Archdruid of Canterbury Visits Orthodox Patriarch. But free to check out the Orthodox books section too.

1054 and All That (short)

The confused person's guide to being even more confused about F Orthodoxy.

Archdruid of Canterbury Visits Orthodox Patriarch (short)

If you don't know what this refers to, do a Google search for "Archbishop of Canterbury becoming a Druid." The issue is more complex than it looks, but not that much more complex.

Devotees of Fr. Cherubim (Jones) Demand his Immediate Canonization and Full Recognition as "Equal to the Heirophants" (short)

They're at it. (Again.)

Evangelical Converts Striving to Be Orthodox (short)

You may have heard of the Evangelicals who studied hard, tried to re-create the Early Christian Church, and rediscovered the Orthodox Church. Here's an update.

Pope Makes Historic Ecumenical Bid to Woo Eastern Rite Catholics (short)

Hot off the trail of the Pope's offer to Anglicans comes a new historic bid, this time aimed at Eastern Rite Catholics(!).

Your Fast Track to Becoming a Bishop! (short)

The most convenient way to become an Orthodox bishop.


Satire. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest Religion within the Bounds of Amusement. You might also like Orthodox Humor.

Eight-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Machiavellian Syndrome By Proxy (MSBP)

Funny how those who speak of "crank magnetism" have a magnetism to a standard model they are magnetically stuck to. (And no, I'm not interested in Individual Sovereignty, Wh*te N*t**n*l*sm, or a moon landing hoax when the U.S.S.R. had every vested interest and competency to debunk any U.S. / NASA forgery.)

Hayward's unabridged dictionary: a free online (satire) dictionary (long)

Ambrose Bierce wrote a classic of wit and satire, called The Devil's Dictionary. This book follows in that tradition, and comments on any number of things in American life.

Hysterical Fiction: A Medievalist Jibe about Disney Princess Videos

In historical fiction, there are almost always people whose psyches are like our contemporaries: postmoderns in armor or whatever the historically accurate garb of the day was. Here is, ostensibly, such a work by an ancient author writing "historical" fiction set in our day.

Inclusive language Greek manuscript discovered (short)

There is a considerable buzz among New Testament scholars among the discovery of a nearly complete manuscript to the book of the Bible called Romans.

Religion within the Bounds of Amusement (short)

Inspired by a visit to a "seeker service." To those unacquainted with Christian lingo, this means a church service which tries to reach out to people seeking God—but "reach out to people seeking God" really means, "put on a circus."

A strange archaeological find (medium)

Read a 26th century historian as he extols the poetic beauty of a light bulb, praises Darwinism as a truly great myth... and analyzes a rather strange archaeological find.

Unvera Announces New Kool-Aid Line (short)

A leading nutriceutical supplement MLM announces a line of Kool-Aid for its distributors, containing some of the most powerful plant toxins available to "humankind."

Various Kinds of Humor

A handful of humorous items. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest Procedures for the Adjustment and Repair of Televisions.

Automated Windows Tech Support (short)
I have here a personally developed automated Windows technical support system, available free of charge.

A Fully Functional Windows 95 Emulator That Runs Right in Your Browser (short)

Plans are underway for a fully functional Windows 7 emulator, but unfortunately are running into difficulties with IE6 compatibility.

Just for Amusement's Sake

Worth a brief look.

Microsoft Offers Better "Truth in Advertising" for Windows XP Dialog Box
Microsoft has released a clarified wording for one of the most important—and most annoying—dialog boxes in the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

Procedures for the Adjustment and Repair of Televisions (short)

A number of methods may be used for dealing with televisions; here's the one I think is best.

The Quintessential Web Page (short)
What is the Web? It's a tough question to answer, perhaps because it's so hard to define a typical web page. If you click on this link, however, you'll be taken to about as quintessential of a web page as I believe exists.

Today, Florida Orange Juice. Tomorrow... (short)

Remember those TV commercials a few days back, where warm sunlit scenes were followed by a warm voice saying, "Florida Orange Juice. Because it makes you feel so good?" Here's an update.