Miscellaneous Nonfiction

Another section has Articles. This section is a "grab bag" of other nonfiction works. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest Actually, to Me, It Is a Very Good Day.

Actually, to Me, It Is a Very Good Day (medium)
This is from a lecture and "reading aloud by the author" session.

An Author's Musing Memoirs: Retrospective Reflections, Retracings, and Retractions (medium)
A letter to the reader about God, some of my flaws, and God's work even in a flawed person such as Yours Truly.

The Case for Uncreative Web Design (medium)
Many people think good web design means making a design that's different from other websites. This article argues another perspective.

"Concept Demo" Awards Program (medium)
A carefully thought-out resource for reviewers for web awards program, on how to best present their programs to the web.

Holy Resistance

A discussion from a mailing list.

IQ Test Fail

Part of an even bigger failure.

Jonathan's Canon (medium)
An annotated bibliography of works that have influenced me, that I would like to pass on.

On Kything (medium)
Excerpted from the Journal of an Awakening.

Memory and Prayer (short)
Do you believe that prayer is a good thing, but struggle to enjoy it for more than two minutes? I did for a long time; then something clicked.

On Mentorship (medium)
A description of mentorship that has more than technique.

Not Stressed? (medium)
This is something I wrote about spiritual discipline and stress. I went to a Bible study that talked about dealing with stress, and when I heard the discussion, I realized that I was living at a much lower level of stress than what was assumed. I thought about how to explain why I experience less stress, and I realized that stress was the tip of the iceberg.

A New Term?

The author wonders if a new term might be helpful in one very specific case.

An open letter from a customer: I Don't WANT to Abuse Your Employees and be Rewarded for Gaming the System (short)

The phrase "The customer is always right!" heralded in good customer service in an age of bad customer service.

Now some companies take "The customer is always right!" in a way that rewards customers who burn out their employees. This is a call to treat employees as human beings and perhaps free them to offer better customer service.

An Open Letter to OTHER Link Prospectors

Do you want a link from this site?

If you do, you would do well to read this piece and follow my advice, at least in talking with this site.

An Open Letter to Spam Patrons (short)
Do you hate spam? Here's a letter you can send to business owners who don't understand why spamming is bad.

Seven-Sided Gem (medium)
This lecture was given at Mensa's Chicago Regional Gathering, and was meant to share several facets of interesting personal experience.

Tinkering With Perl
Something I wrote when my brothers were twelve to introduce them to programming. It tries to be very simple—just enough so kids can start tinkering.

Using an Apple Watch as a Better Slow Watch

With one not terribly obvious adjustment, an Apple Watch can function as a better Slow Watch.