This section has free online novels. Other free online books include Yonder and Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary: A Free Online (Satire) Dictionary, or the how-to book Tinkering With Perl.

But the novels are right here, and several of them are Orthodox books. As well as these novels, you can also see short stories and other assorted creations. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest The Sign of the Grail.

The Christmas Tales (long)
Several pilgrims speak over the Christmas meal.

A Cord of Seven Strands (long)
A novella which explores the connection between a circle of friends as they pass through harrowing experiences.

Firestorm 2034 (long)
A science fiction story about a medieval who is transported to the 21st century, and the chaos that ensues. It explores decades of shift in technology and culture. Heinlein fans will note a resemblance toStranger in a Strange Land, which I drew on—perhaps they'll like this one, too.

The Sign of the Grail (long)

In this Orthodox book, a college freshman explores his room and finds a book, Brocéliande, and his eyes begin to open when he starts to read legends of King Arthur's court.

The Steel Orb (long)
The Steel Orb is an Orthodox book that tells a story from a world that has been simmering in my heart for years. It concerns a young pupil who wants to be a teacher, and the struggles he goes through on the way. It is a fantasy novella based on the patristic Orthodox East instead of the medieval Catholic West.