Private Logistics: Privacy-Sensitive Todo, Scratchpad, Calendar, Personal Information Management (PIM)

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People are becoming increasingly aware of online privacy and things that contribute to Big Brother knowing quite a lot about you: FaceBook or Google, for instance, offer a tremendous service, but everything is logged and monitored at least at some level.

Your computer’s privacy can be invaded by spyware or other malware, but having private data stay on your computer is the best recipe. And, in some newer browsers, there is a way that a webpage can work off of a database that you run on your computer, so that what goes to your to-do list, stays at your to-do list.

This is an attempt to release some highly useful tools, a (CKeditor) scratchpad, a calendar, and an option-rich todo list, all in a way that is sensitive to privacy and keeps your private data just where it belongs.

For geeks, the software is ©2012 CJS Hayward, available to you under your choice of the terms of the MIT or GPL2/3 license. You can download the directory tree here (0.2) (0.1) (0.0).






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