Short Stories

Here are short stories you can read online for free. Besides the short stories, there are some works of fiction in the assorted creations and free online novels. If you're looking for a place to start, I suggest Unashamed.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

A science fiction tribute to Damon Knight, "To Serve Man."

The Commentary (medium)
This is a piece of wisdom literature about a man who has been searching for the Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, in One Volume, Containing a Careful Analysis of All Cultural Issues Needful to Understand the Bible as Did Its First Readers... and why he is so very unhappy when he finds what he desires.

Fire in the Hole

A professor offers to make anything an image that shows the glory of God.

Some students nominate porn.

A Glimpse Through a Crystal (short)
A dream about another world.

The Metacultural Gospel (medium)
A fictionalized Gospel account set in contemporary America. It tries to convey how genuinely shocking a person is described in the Gospels—and how he'd still be stunning, today.

The Monastery (short)
The story of a traveller moving deeper and deeper into a monastery—in more ways than one.

A Picture of Evil (short)
What, exactly, is the nature of evil? Read about three painters who tried to show it.

The Spectacles

There is more to this man than meets the eye. He appears quite ordinary; he's learned that skill well enough...

Stephanos (short)

Stephanos begins when a boy enters a temple to get away from his sister...

A Strange Picture (short)
Why was a picture of beauty so disturbing?

Unashamed (short)

Abigail loves to sit down at a keyboard and improvise with her father. Why is she afraid one day?

The Voyage (medium)
A disillusioned young man wants to escape into another world, a magical world, and finds an old man who might help him.

The Wagon, the Blackbird, and the Saab (medium)

There's more connecting these three items than you might think. But the differences are more than meets the eye, too.

A Wonderful Life (medium)

It really doesn't matter if the situation is ordinarily bad or extraordinarily bad. Not for what really counts.