Hanging Up My Skates for Now

I have numerous pieces having a certain spark on this site, of which the oldest, perhaps, is Religion Within the Bounds of Amusement, the newest, perhaps, is, Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts, and perhaps the deepest is The Consolation of Theology. (All three are in The Luddite's Guide to Technology.)

This comes not only after that spark has become rarer in my life, but as I am seeking monasticism at some Orthodox monastery. I am looking to enter, not as an author, but as just a novice, God willing on the way to be just a monk.

Author: C.J.S. Hayward

C.J.S. Hayward is an Orthodox author and Renaissance man with master's degrees bridging math and computers (UIUC) and theology and philosophy (Cambridge). His most prized work is what he writes in Eastern Orthodox, Christian theology and apologetics. Readers of apologists like C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and Peter Kreeft, contemporary Orthodox authors such as Met. KALLISTOS Ware, and classic authors like St. John Chrysostom will find much food for spiritual reflection.