Toastmasters Speeches

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The ice breaker: Why such harassment? (short)
If someone said, “I wish I were gifted enough that people would start harassing me,” the response may be “Huh?”

But that doesn’t make the experience any less real.

Organize your speech: iPhones and spirituality (short)
Texting while driving is dangerous; we’ve learned that texting is a strong enough technological drug not to mix with driving. But there are other lessons in life besides “Hang up and drive!” This is especially true with the technological drug of the iPhone.

Get to the Point: Humor Delivers Pain (short)
People see humor as joyful, but take away a joke’s pain and what’s left isn’t funny. As Mark Twain the humor wrote, “The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in Heaven.”Orthodoxy would agree.