“After hours” projects by the same author

“After hours” portfolio for CJS Hayward

This offers a sample of work for people who want to see what he’s done in the past.

The Classic Orthodox Bible

A King James Version-like Bible for Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Church Fathers

A search engine designed to allow fast and easy access tracing things through a library of documents.

The powered access Bible

A Bible with the same powerful user interface as Orthodox Church Fathers. Some people like it better than Gospelcom’s Bible Gateway, and have said is much more accessible for blind readers.

Magnum opus from CJS Hayward’s painting career: original and high-quality copies for sale!

If you know of CJS Hayward, at least by reputation, you have probably heard of his writing, with favorite written works beginning in moments as an undergraduate. Those early works include The grinch who stole Christmas, for instance, or Religion within the bounds of amusement. The fountain of creativity has continued, with Amazon listing his three bestselling titles as the Classic Orthodox Bible he assembled, and two anthologies: The Luddite’s Guide to Technology and The Best of Jonathan’s Corner.

What some friends of his do not know is that creativity did not end when he reached adult age. Like many people, he was creative as a child. Like many fewer of that group, he as continued to exercise that burgeoning collection now stored at CJSHayward.com and also now represented on Amazon. Up until college age, he worked on mastering one new artistic medium per year, and his favorite class in high school was the jewelry and metalworking class; he made a silver ring for his grandmother and designed it to hold a drop of water as a gemstone.

Here is perhaps the best of his collection, arising from a vision Wednesday of Holy Week decades back:

Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane?“:
“My God, My God, attend to Me: why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

The quote is the New Testament’s longest quotation of anyone in the language Christ grew up with. Some of those present mock with a crude mocking pun, implying that His “Eloi“, “My God”, was pitifully “calling for Elijah,” two words which are confusingly similar. The sadistic jeer might be paraphrased, “‘Eloi?’ Sounds an awful lot like a call to Elijah, eh? Let’s wait around and see if Eliah helps him.” If that were not spite enough, the mockers even dissuaded the simple mercy of whoever who would give Him a little sip of water in a sponge on a stick.

But Christ was not “calling for Elijah”, and the people who made the sarcastic joke knew as well as anyone else that the Psalm of the Cross was a shorthand quotation of the entirety of Psalm 21 (22 in the Western numbering), here cited from the Classic Orthodox Bible:

For the End, concerning the morning aid, a Psalm of David.

O God, My God, attend to Me: why hast Thou forsaken Me?
The account of My transgressions is far from My salvation.
O my God, I will cry to Thee by day, but Thou wilt not hear:
And by night, and it shall not be accounted for folly to Me.
But Thou, the praise of Israel, dwellest in a sanctuary.
Our fathers hoped in Thee;
They hoped, and Thou didst deliver them.
They cried to Thee, and were saved:
They hoped in Thee, and were not ashamed.
But I am a Worm, and not a Man;
A Reproach of men, and Scorn of the people.
All that saw Me mocked Me: they spoke with their lips,
They shook the head, saying,
“He hoped in the Lord: let Him deliver Him,
Let Him save Him, because He takes pleasure in Him.”
For Thou art He that drew Me out of the womb;
My hope from My mother’s breasts.
I was cast on Thee from the womb:
Thou art My God from My mother’s belly.
Stand not aloof from Me; for affliction is near;
For there is no helper.
Many bullocks have compassed Me:
Fat bulls have beset Me round.
They have opened their mouth against Me,
As a ravening and roaring lion.
I am poured out like water,
And all My bones are loosened:
My heart in the midst of My belly is become like melting wax.
My strength is dried up, like a potsherd;
And My tongue is glued to My throat;
And Thou hast brought Me down to the dust of death.
For many dogs have compassed Me:
The assembly of the wicked doers hath beset Me round:
They pierced My hands and My feet.
They counted all My bones;
And they observed and looked upon Me.
They parted My garments among themselves,
And cast lots upon My raiment.
But Thou, O Lord, remove not My help afar off:
Be ready for Mine aid.
Deliver My soul from the sword;
My only-begotten One from the power of the dog.
Save Me from the lion’s mouth;
And regard My lowliness from the horns of the unicorns.
I will declare Thy Name to My brethren:
In the midst of the Church will I sing praise to Thee.
Ye that fear the Lord, praise Him;
All ye seed of Jacob, glorify Him:
Let all the seed of Israel fear Him.
For He hath not despised nor been angry at the supplication of the poor;
Nor turned away His face from Me;
But when I cried to Him, He heard Me.
My praise is of Thee in the great congregation:
I will pay My vows before them that fear Him.
The poor shall eat and be satisfied;
And they shall praise the Lord that seek Him:
Their heart shall live for ever.
All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord:
And all the kindred of the nations shall venerate Him.
For the Kingdom is the Lord’s;
And He is the governor of the nations.
All the fat ones of the earth have eaten and venerated:
All that go down to the earth shall fall down before Him:
My soul also lives to Him.
And My seed shall serve Him:
The generation that is coming shall be reported to the Lord.
And they shall report His righteousness to the people that shall be born,
Whom the Lord hath made.

They pierced My hands and My feet:” this Psalm is, like no other, the Psalm of the Cross.

The painting is roughly 20″x30″, and it is mounted against a high-quality frame that holds it against invisible glass and entirely immanent:

A picture as framed.

The painting is powerful to display if hung on a wall normally, but it may be even more powerful if it is suspended, well below eye level and angled upwards: to see the Son of God, Who was obedient, being found in fashion as a Man, He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross.

Explore a high quality fine art reproduction of this work, entitled, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane?

You might still be able to buy the original, now on Etsy.

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The flagship title from this website is unmistakably,
The Best of Jonathan’s Corner (paperback $25, Kindle $3).

A shorter introduction is available in A Small Taste of Jonathan’s Corner (paperback $7, Kindle $1). Some readers will also be interested in the King James Version-style Classic Orthodox Bible (hardcover $100, paperback $25, Kindle $7, on website free).

Anthologies & collections

Open source software

CJS HaywardEt cetera → Open source software

This is a set of open source projects. You may also be interested in the section of things written about technology, programming, web design, usability, and hackerdom. If you’re looking for a place to start, why don’t you look at ABSOLUTE Precision Arithmetic with Arbitrary Precison OUTPUT?

Licenses: Most, although not all, of these projects are available to you under your choice of the Artistic, GPL, and MIT licenses (see individual pages for details). If you find something you like, you are invited to consider linking to CJSHayward.com.

ABSOLUTE precision arithmetic with arbitrary precision OUTPUT
This offers something fundamentally better than arbitrary precision’s arithmetic letting you choose where the digits drop off. It stores any (computable) number exactly, and offers print-on-demand decimalizations.

If you originally calculate a number to three decimal places, and later find you need six, or want the user to be able to specify any number of decimal places you can’t know in advance, no problem. Just ask for six or a user-entered number of decimal places: no need to refactor all of your code. And if an exact number is generated by someone else’s code, you need not dig into that code to get your preferred number of decimal places.

This also does not suffer the corruption on arithmetic operation that slowly corrupts float- (or arbitrary-precision) arithmetic.

I miss Aqua: A retro-themed Maverick
The Aqua theme is gone from Mac OSX, but with a little open source pixie dust we can have an Aqua virtual machine available from Mac, Linux, or Windows.


Catch the furball (Demo) (short)
Catch the furball is an ice-breaker board game intended for people to play around the computer. This page will both let you play the game, and download it to install and/or tinker with. (It’s a bit like Generica, but easier to set up.)

CFL: A truly unique distributed version control system (short)
CFL is the world’s first green distributed version control system. Inspired by compact fluorescent lights, it is at its core based on Mercurial, but builds on it in ways some would never imagine.

CJSH, a Python 3 based experimental, programmable Linux / Unix / Mac command line shell (short)
An experimental Unix/Linux command line shell, implemented in Python 3, that offers Unix strength and Python-powered Unix scripting while taking advantage of some more recent concepts in terms of usability and searching above pinpointing files in directory heirarchies.

The data mine (short)
The data mine is a search engine designed to give powerful access to a site’s contents. The interface is meant to be friendly and use keyword highlighting and link targets to allow the user to find desired material with minimal clicking and scrolling.

Fortunes (short)
On some computers, there’s a fortune cookie program that displays a short quote suitable for signatures and the like. Here are two things I’ve written, in that format.

Hayward’s free intranet employee photo directory (short)

A free, simple, powerful, usable employee intranet photo directory built with Django jQuery Ajax.

The magic notebook (Demo)
The magic notebook is a tool for storing and organizing notes that can be used for contact information, to do lists, lists to read, recipes, and whatever other eclectic collections of information you want. It is available both for personal use and as a downloadable CGI script.

The minstrel’s song
This is an extensive and somewhat nostalgic ‘roguelike’ computer game, which works best on a Linux-like system.

Mobile Web Proxy (short)

The Mobile Web Proxy is meant to be a proxy that will allow some webpages which cannot be displayed on my cell phone (and perhaps not other people’s mobile devices either) to be available for viewing.

Private logistics: Privacy-sensitive todo, calendar, scratchpad, personal information management (PIM) (medium)

This webpage provides certain dynamic services: todo, calendar, and scratchpad. However, it doesn’t store your information somewhere on a server run by someone else. It is stored on your computer, and only on your computer.

Proportional font terminal: A better Linux / Unix / Mac term
For those of you who use Unix/Linux terminals, would you like to use the same kind of proportional fonts that are used on almost every major website? This is a tool to let you do just that.

The Powered Access Bible (Demo)

The powered access Bible is a CGI script which you can use to find things in the Bible, and see what they mean in context.

Quizmaster (Demo) (short)
There are quizzes that give you multiple guess questions and tell you what you’re closest to. This is a CGI script designed to let webmasters post their own quizzes. This is a more dynamic setup than many: as you answer questions, you can see your results being calculated.

SearchLog(Demo) (short)
SearchLog is weblog meets search engine, with some cool tools thrown in to make it more powerful.

Sidebar in a Can (short)
Visitors with Firefox or other Mozilla browsers: would you like a sidebar offering Jonathan’s Corner selections? (Non-Firefox friends: I’m sorry, but the other browsers don’t access this sidebar yet.)

Webmasters: Would you like to have a sidebar that is both dynamic and low-maintenance? The sidebar powers the rotating link on my front page. Check it out.

Snippets (short)
This is the release page for a CGI script where fortune cookie meets wiki: an editable quote of the day, a way to remember people to e-mail, and other things as well.

Spaghetti Parenthesis Visualizer (short)
An in-browser tool to balance parentheses (braces, etc.) None of the code that it visually formats will be sent to the server, but the security conscious are invited to download their own copies (GPL/MIT).

Virtual Tour (Demo)
Virtual Tour is a web tool I made to allow an online virtual tour. Whether or not you set up webpages, I invite you to see the virtual tour I made of ‘Impressions of Cambridge’ at beautiful Cambridge University in England.


CJS HaywardEt cetera → Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous items that you won’t find in other areas of the website. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest A Christmas gift for children.

A Christmas gift for children

A look at some of the peaks of CJS Hayward that would be more interesting to children, including the Tale of the Fairy Prince.

I do not live in a vacuum, but in connection with communities and other people. Here are some of their webpages.

A Facebook portrait for Orthodox clergy
Facebook is slightly insensitive to religious communities who call their priests, “Father.” Here is a tweak on one clever response to the censorship.

Favorite haunts
My site isn’t focused on links, but I’ve found some jewels on the web that I consider worth mention.

Homemade pinball machine HOWTO (short)
As a child, CJS Hayward made a number of different little pinball machines. Here’s an updated summary of how to get into the craft.

If You Want to Link to Jonathan’s Corner (short)
Here are some images, along with sample HTML, for people who want to link to this page. (Text links are also welcome!)

The “natural cycle” liturgical clock

The concept may not be obvious if you’re not used to ancient ways of thinking about a time, but there is a different way of calculating time based on the natural cycles of sunrise and sunset rather than artificial things like time zones.

UberLingua (short)
Writing is largely a copy of oral language; it does not take full advantage of visual media. Here’s an article about what some might call the next generation of human language. It is dedicated to all those web designers who believe that, if they make a web page you already know how to use, they aren’t doing their job.


CJS HaywardEt cetera → Humor

A handful of humorous items. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest Procedures for the Adjustment and Repair of Televisions.

Automated Windows Tech Support (short)
I have here a personally developed automated Windows technical support system, available free of charge.

A Customer Experience Survey (short)
There’s a customer survey for everything

A Fully Functional Windows 95 Emulator That Runs Right in Your Browser (short)

Plans are underway for a fully functional Windows 7 emulator, but unfortunately are running into difficulties with IE6 compatibility.

Microsoft Offers Better “Truth in Advertising” for Windows XP Dialog Box
Microsoft has released a clarified wording for one of the most important—and most annoying—dialog boxes in the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

Procedures for the Adjustment and Repair of Televisions (short)

A number of methods may be used for dealing with televisions; here’s the one I think is best.

The Quintessential Web Page (short)
What is the Web? It’s a tough question to answer, perhaps because it’s so hard to define a typical web page. If you click on this link, however, you’ll be taken to about as quintessential of a web page as I believe exists.

Today, Florida Orange Juice. Tomorrow… (short)

Remember those TV commercials a few days back, where warm sunlit scenes were followed by a warm voice saying, “Florida Orange Juice. Because it makes you feel so good?” Here’s an update.


CJS HaywardEt cetera → Games

As well as the games here, there’s another game, The Minstrel’s Song, that has its own section. Some of the open source software projects are also games. But if you’re looking for an interesting challenge, why don’t you try A Four Dimensional Maze?

A four dimensional maze

Some years ago, I wrote a program that allowed the player to navigate a four dimensional maze. The game looks like it did on the Apple ][—a blast from the past.

Generica (medium)
This is an icebreaker board game: if you print out the printer-friendly version, you can make your own board game to play with friends.

Patterns (short)
I wrote a program to help me understand a math problem, and found it was fun to play around with: interesting things happen when you click around. This is probably one of your better bets if your mind’s fried from a hard day’s work.


CJS HaywardEt cetera → Art

Here are assorted pieces of visual art. As well as the pieces here, you might enjoy looking through the pictures on the homepage. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane?.

Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane? (medium)

A watercolor that I made my freshman year of college. I don’t think I’ve made any other artwork that reaches the same standard.

An Enchanted Picture (short)

Watch as the picture fades and melts.

The Good Shepherd (short)
“Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” What haven’t you been told about this?

A Personal Flag
A web page set me thinking, and I decided to create a personal flag—that is, a visual symbol designed to share who I am. Here it is, with annotation.

Taberah (short)
I drew a picture of the hero of my second novel. I’m not sure it came out as powerfully as what I envisioned, but I think it captures something…

Socratic dialogue

CJS HaywardOrthodox books online and more → Socratic dialogue

Socratic dialogue: philosophy with more than a dash of drama. If you’re looking for a place to start, I reccommend The Watch.

The damned backswing (short)
A dialogue about a “damned backswing” that keeps coming up in life and society.

How Shall We Live at 12:27:25 PM, Wed Jan 27 2016? (medium)

Humans have long lived as hunter-gatherers, then in a geological eyeblink adopted the agricultural revolution, and then in an eyeblink even compared to the agricultural revolution, spin out in a cascading, coruscating, coruscating succession of technologies.

The Law of Attraction: A Dialogue with an Eastern Orthodox Christian Mystic (medium)
In shaky times, many people look to the Law of Attraction. Orthodox Christianity has a way to delve deeper.

The Martian Human Complete Set of Working Instructions to Happiness: Life, the Paleo Diet, (Paleo) Orthodoxy, and Other Things (medium)
A Socratic dialogue between a fan of Robert A. Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and an Orthodox theologian about Martian and human life, happiness, and the Paleo diet.

The mindstorm (medium)
A dialogue which has a brilliant alumnus return to his school and discuss philosophy of education with its founder.

Plato: The Allegory of the… Flickering Screen? (short)

A slightly updated look at Plato’s Allegory of the Cave… or perhaps not really an updated look at all. Should the most famous piece of Socratic dialogue have been called the Allegory of the Television?


A Socratic dialogue about the present cultural singularity emanating from the West and reaching across the globe.

The dialogue is between Merlin, chrismated John, and Herodotus.

Spirit (medium)
God is spirit, and he invites us to be spirit too.

Veni, Vidi, Vomi: A Look at “Do You Want to Date My Avatar?” (short)
“Do You Want to Date My Avatar?” is a viral music video that is funny and demure by music video standards. At first glance, at least…

The watch (medium)

On the surface, it’s about a watch that has another way of telling time. Under the surface…

Within the Steel Orb (medium)

Does Einstein’s theory of relativity say anything that relativism does not? Or does relativism say anything that Einstein’s theory of relativity does not?

Is there a difference that matters?

A sleek car under starlight, a different kind of information technology, a deep, blue-robed host, and the wisdom of a Socratic dialogue in a science fiction world.

Yonder (long)
Yonder is a science fiction story that starts in a world where mind and body are separate. Or at least that’s one way of looking at it. You could also describe it as a miniature Divine Comedy, a journey which begins in Hell and ends in Heaven, but uses none of the traditional imagery: Hell is a place where you can have any pleasure you want, while Heaven is a place with intense suffering.