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As some of you know, I am hoping to make a pilgrimage to Mount Athos and ideally stay. (One enters the Holy Mountain as a pilgrim.) I don’t know I would end up staying on a first pilgrimage, but I am praying for the Lord’s providence on whatever terms he wishes to give. And hoping to stay.

If you’d like to help me reach Mount Athos, there are several things you can do.

The first thing you can do is simply pray.

The second thing you can do is to visit my main website at:


The home page, as its concluding part, offers a slideshow of books that I’ve written. The books are mostly just $3 to purchase, but I get 70% royalty, meaning getting $2 out of the $3 for the ebooks you purchase. (That adds up.) The books I consider most important are all available in paperback, and if you find there are too many titles to choose from, the title I’d recommend is:

     “The Best of Jonathan’s Corner”,

I’m actively seeking regular employment, but while I have free time I am working on expanding the business of my website and my books as an author, both so that I have money for transportation expenses, and so that I will have a small stream of income to defray any medical expenses without being a burden to a monastery.

The third thing you can do is write a candid review with disclosure. I’ve gotten a one-star review because I made a technical error that caused my A-Z collection to end at “J”, and the reader, having read hundreds of pages already, was cardinally upset that the collection was cut off. (I’ve fixed my error, but the review is still at one star.) I have a few dozen Kindle books available, and a great many are unreviewed.

The fourth thing you might do is make a direct donation. You can contact me if you’d like to mail a check, or give online right here at:


The fifth thing you might do is pass on this letter, with an invitation to check out my books, to others. Many people have found https://CJSHayward.com and the books drawn from it to be of interest. You might introduce them to some of my most cherished writing, like “The Best of Jonathan’s Corner” at http://Best-of.JonathansCorner.com.

Please reshare!

Thank you for any consideration,
C.J.S. Hayward, an unworthy layman