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C.J.S. Hayward as an author featured on the Zipper.

Wouldn't it be nice if C.S. Lewis kept on writing? If the door to further masterpieces was in fact not closed at all? What if I told you there was an equal author, alive and still writing? Sounds like a tall order, but let's look at some reviews!

Kent Nebergall, in a review titled "C.S. Lewis and Steve Jobs walk into a bar," writes, "When I read C. S. Lewis, A. W. Tozer, or G. K. Chesterton, there is a deep ache for both the times and the men that made honor, wisdom, and clarity a thing of such beauty and strength. We wonder what they would say of our time, and why, with so many more people and better communication, we don't see more of them. Jonathan Hayward is such a person of wisdom and depth. I do not say this lightly or flatteringly. He and I don't agree on everything, but when we contrast, it will never be his side of the issue that is lacking in depth, beauty, or elegance. He's Orthodox, yes (I'm not). But I suspect all sides will claim him as they do Lewis and Chesterton." And D. Donovan of the Midwest Book Review is more pointed: "This book is exciting, almost as if a hitherto unknown book of original works by C.S. Lewis had suddenly come to light." And in a review of a later title: "C.S. Lewis formed him, as a writer, but the student has moved beyond his influence and surpassed his muse in all the works Hayward has produced that rival his mentor and inspiration."

But for all this, readers also find him accessible; Majanka comments, "Understandable... Down to earth." Perhaps that's also part of why his name has trilettered on Facebook: "CSH," for "C.S. Hayward."

This work comes with the "He Can't Be the Next C.S. Lewis, Can He?" guarantee: If you read one of C.J.S. Hayward's "Best Works," and it isn't as deep as C.S. Lewis or deeper, then contact him through his website and he'll refund you triple the Kindle price for your book.

Discover C.J.S. Hayward. He offers a distinctively Eastern Orthodox view not touched on by C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis earned a triple first bachelor's at Oxford. C.J.S. Hayward has a second master's from Cambridge, and astonishingly manages to be deeper than even dear C.S. Lewis.

Would you like to taste the excellence of an Orthodox writer who may eclipse Lewis?

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