This site's essential purpose is to showcase the works of Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward. Much of it is a library, and the heart of the library (and the whole site) is the theology collection).

The other sections of the website show some creations. This section has assorted courtesies that every website should provide—and a little bit about the author. This site has a list of recent additions, sorted by date.

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About the Author

A short biography, for people curious about the person behind the pages.


There are several people who should be thanked in getting this website online.

Affiliate Links (short)

You are invited to sell books from this site—and I expect you'll earn a $2-3 commission per sale!

An Author Interview by... the Author Himself!

One way to know just a little about the author. Besides that he is narcissistic.

Bookshelf (short)

Book Reviews

Every truly important work drawn from this site has been submitted to the prestigious Midwest Book Review, which favors smaller publishers and independent authors. And all of them have been gotten a review.

This is the author home for Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward. You can order nice ebooks from Author Home.

If You Want to Link to CJS Hayward's Site

For historical purposes. An early suggestion of images to include in a link to this site.

Awards Won (medium)

The recognitions Jonathan's Corner now holds.

Bullies and Reviews: A Note to my Reviewers

Some of the "Blessed Seraphim Rose" crowd are a little less holy than their saint, and their revenge for The Seraphinians: "Blessed Seraphim Rose" and His Axe-Wielding Western Converts is to dislodge almost any positive Amazon review of my work that you post.

Contact Information (short)

The author's preferred means of contact.

Character Sheet (short)

A 'character sheet' for the author, Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward, written using the traditional lingua franca of the RPG/gaming community.

Copyright Notice (short)

All work on these pages is copyrighted; this explains their status.

Fan Community (short)

An online community for those connected with CJS Hayward and those who like his creations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (short)

This site's frequently asked questions list.

Hidden Price Tags: An Eastern Orthodox Look at the Dark Side of Technology and Its Best Use Book Series Released!

The author's magnum opus, transformed to a series and available in Kindle and paperback!

I'd love if you'd purchase my paperbacks.

An author's request. The best paperbacks are available from the bookshelf.

An Interview with the Author (short)

Classifieds 1000 interviewed CJS Hayward about his website, Jonathan's Corner. The interview is online here, as well as under several categories with Classifieds 1000.

Modern Character Sheet

A perfect complement to the Classic Character Sheet.

My Life's Work

Would you like to own a copy of my life's work?

"Pick a Creation for Me!" Recommendation Wizard

This is a somewhat quirky recommendation engine that loosely follows the format of a software installation wizard.

Not sure what that means? Try it out!

Privacy Policy (short)

I take your privacy seriously.

This Site's New Look: Luddite with a Touch of Steampunk

Not all links are made to jump out now, just the ones that are especially important.

Web Design

Do you like these pages? I can make pages like that for you. If you're just the slightest bit curious. read on. You might find something of interest.

What's New? (short)

Want to know what has been most recently changed and updated at Jonathan's Corner? Here's a list.