The other sections of the website show some creations. This section has assorted courtesies that every website should provide—and a little bit about the author. The most recent entry is a Periodic Table: Elements That Have Shaped Me, and Elements That I Have Shaped This site has a list of recent additions, sorted by date.

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Affiliate links (short)
You are invited to sell books from this site—and I expect you’ll earn a $2-3 commission per sale!

Awards won (medium)
The recognitions Jonathan’s Corner now holds.

By the same author (short)

A short but sweet “after hours” portfolio when main work is tightly held as confidential.

Contact information (short)

The author’s preferred means of contact.

Bracing for the Digital Dark Ages
The author of this site is preparing to enter monasticism. He has made arrangements for continuity, but all life has uncertainty.

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Character Sheet (short)
A ‘character sheet’ for the author, Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward, written using the traditional lingua franca of the RPG/gaming community.

Copyright notice (short)
All work on these pages is copyrighted; this explains their status.

Fan community (short)
An online community for those connected with CJS Hayward and those who like his creations.

FAQ (frequently asked questions) (short)
This site’s frequently asked questions list.

About the author

A short biography, for people curious about the person behind the pages.

Gifted? Let me harass you! (medium)
There are some things people would never guess about the condition that is called giftedness. One is the harassment that comes out of the woodwork from unexpected angles.

An Interview With the Author (short)
Classifieds 1000 interviewed CJS Hayward about his website, Jonathan’s Corner. The interview is online here, as well as under several categories with Classifieds 1000.

Joining the Holy Mountain (I Hope)
The author is trying to reach Mount Athos, to repent of his sins for the rest of his life.
Privacy Policy (short)
I take your privacy seriously.

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Want to know what has been most recently changed and updated at this site? Here’s a list.

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