Hymns and Poems

Suggested starting points include Doxology, A Pilgrimage from Narnia, Silence: Organic Food for the Soul, and Why This Waste?.

Akathist Hymn to St. Philaret the Merciful (medium)

An akathist hymn celebrating St. Philaret the Merciful of Asia Minor, who was generous and merciful when he had much, and remained no less generous and merciful when he had little or nothing.

A Canticle to Holy, Blessed Solipsism

There is a saying: "Only God and I exist."...

Death (short)

We may have hospitals to hide death from our eyes, but all of us are moving towards death, even if we are in denial as a society. But there is another way; love is stronger than death.

Doxology (short)

A poem to hymn the glory of God.

Glory (short)

We thirst for glory. There is only one way that thirst is rightly slaked.

How Shall I Tell an Alchemist? (short)

A musing prayer about how to open the eyes of an alchemist.

Hymn to the Creator of Heaven and Earth (medium)

A celebration of the resplendent beauty of the natural world.

I Thank Thee

In the New Testament, rarely if ever do Christ or the apostles thank God that everything is going their way.

Now everything going your way is something to be thankful for, but we also have things to be thankful for in hard times.


Written in the struggle not to reach for things that are not helpful.

Maximum Christ, Maximum Ambition, Maximum Repentance (medium)

A meditation on the Maximum Christ we approach and maximum repentance as the true realization of God's maximum ambition for our lives.

Now (short)

A poem pouring forth mystical theology of eternity, time, and that precious moment we call 'now'.

Open (short)

A poem about closed fists, open hands, and true joy.

Pilgrim (short)

A prayer and poem about pilgrimage on earth.

A Pilgrimage from Narnia (short)

A poem about a pilgrimage that begins with C.S. Lewis's Narnia and ever presses 'further up and further in.'

Random Psalm of the Day Generator (KJV)

This was a tool I made for myself after realizing I wasn't spending nearly enough time praying through the Psalms. This will pull up different psalms, and there is a a mobile-friendly version too.

Silence: Organic Food for the Soul (medium)

A meditation on spiritual discipline and silence as an organic diet for the soul reaching out to the whole person.

Why This Waste? (short)

A poem that opens when a woman opens a priceless jar of perfume and a thief asks a question that was deeper than he knew: "Why This Waste?"

A Yoke That Is Easy and a Burden That Is Light (short)

A prayer.