Miscellaneous items that you won't find in other areas of the website.

I do not live in a vacuum, but in connection with communities and other people. Here are some of their webpages.

A Facebook portrait for Orthodox clergy
Facebook is slightly insensitive to religious communities who call their priests, "Father." Here is a tweak on one clever response to the censorship.

Favorite Haunts
My site isn't focused on links, but I've found some jewels on the web that I consider worth mention.

Grandfather Clock with Westminster Chime and a Soothing Tick-Tock—Steampunk Style

This page presents a classic clock with a simple Westminster chime.

Help me find a hobby!

When you're sucked into your phone, it seems that there is nothing else to do.

Here is something to give you something else to do.

You can keep this page open to be able to have a Westminster chime effect.

Homemade Pinball Machine HOWTO (short)
As a child, CJS Hayward made a number of different little pinball machines. Here's an updated summary of how to get into the craft.

If You Want to Link to Jonathan's Corner (short)
Here are some images, along with sample HTML, for people who want to link to this page. (Text links are also welcome!)

The "natural cycle" liturgical clock

The concept may not be obvious if you're not used to ancient ways of thinking about a time, but there is a different way of calculating time based on the natural cycles of sunrise and sunset rather than artificial things like time zones.

Tasty, Healthy, Easy Paleo Meal Generator

Need inspiration for something to cook? Look at a few of these recipes!

UberLingua (short)
Writing is largely a copy of oral language; it does not take full advantage of visual media. Here's an article about what some might call the next generation of human language. It is dedicated to all those web designers who believe that, if they make a web page you already know how to use, they aren't doing their job.