Satire / Humor Warning:

As the author, I have been told I have a very subtle sense of humor.

This page is a work of satire, inspired by the likes of The Onion and early incarnations of The Onion Dome.

It is not real news.


I (mellieure de nuove) teknologie (non sonne solutione mellieure aux questione stessi) (mais: solutione aux questione mellieure). The escriture sei un transcription di una lingua dicte nel tempo linear. Molti lingue (differentie e visuale) sonni possibile. Ego proposo una lingua surconstruisanta lingue (cuomo inglese e i latinalingue) (cuomo interlingua (estant meliora))) con video por representare i complexie (dimensionale e non lineara (trimensional valia explorareil (con virtual reality (e jieroglyfice renuovie (si soni beni nel contexto))))) e altri pui rassemblante al lingui degli (pensee; conscientia). I web uberdessini nobis montrado imitare i interfici familiare e (arcana; superstiosa; ossoleta; e non basta, non per niente). Po alcuna espirita videre alcuna problema con demandere del mundo di lassare tombere tutti i altre lingue escrite et suivere questa idea solamente? JH 01

An abstract art of memory

The Spectacles

Technonomicon: Technology, Nature, Ascesis

Within the Steel Orb

Author: C.J.S. Hayward

Who is Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward? A man, made in the image of God and summoned to ascend to the heights of the likeness of God. A great sinner, and in fact, the chief of sinners. One who is, moment by moment, in each ascetical decision choosing to become one notch more a creature of Heaven, or one notch more a creature of Hell, until his life is spent and his eternal choice between Heaven and Hell is eternally sealed. Man, mediator, midpoint, microcosm, measure: as man he is the recapitulation of the entire spiritual and visible creation, having physical life in common with plants and animals, and noetic life in common with rank upon rank of angel host, and forever in the shadow of that moment when Heaven kissed earth and God and the Son of God became Man and the Son of Man that men might become gods and the sons of God. He’s also a writer with a few hobbies, but really, there are more important things in life.