Grandfather Clock with Westminster Chime and a Soothing Tick-Tock—Steampunk Style

Click on the clock to hear its sounds: chimes and a gentle tick-tock.
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I have long been interested in being under the tyranny of the clock, and part of what I am trying to cut out is looking at my watch again and again.

The classic grandfather clock has an alternative: it will gently, beautifully, and unobtrusively tell you what time it is, and with one, I don't need to look at my watch nearly as much.

Some of my works on the topic are a four-part Socratic dialogue in The Watch, an extended essay in The Horn of Joy: A Meditation on Eternity and Time, Kairos and Chronos, and the liturgical clock modeled after an ancient system of timekeeping in The Natural Cycle Clock.