Grandfather Clock with Westminster Chime and a Soothing Tick-Tock—Steampunk Style

Click on the clock to hear its sounds: chimes and a gentle tick-tock.
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I have long been interested in being under the tyranny of the clock, and part of what I am trying to cut out is looking at my watch again and again.

The classic grandfather clock has an alternative: it will gently, beautifully, and unobtrusively tell you what time it is, and with one, I don't need to look at my watch nearly as much.

Some of my works on the topic are a four-part Socratic dialogue in The Watch, an extended essay in The Horn of Joy: A Meditation on Eternity and Time, Kairos and Chronos, and the liturgical clock modeled after an ancient system of timekeeping in The Natural Cycle Clock.

Author: C.J.S. Hayward

C.J.S. Hayward is an Orthodox author and Renaissance man with master's degrees bridging math and computers (UIUC) and theology and philosophy (Cambridge). His most prized work is what he writes in Eastern Orthodox, Christian theology and apologetics. Readers of apologists like C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and Peter Kreeft, contemporary Orthodox authors such as Met. KALLISTOS Ware, and classic authors like St. John Chrysostom will find much food for spiritual reflection.