Book Reviews

Works reviewed in the prestigious Midwest Book Review include:

How Can I Take my Life Back from my Phone? Review

For one of the first books to read about taking your life back from technology.

CJS Hayward in Under 99 Pages Review

This is a short sampler of the author's works for people who would like to know him better as an author before tackling some of his longer works.

Happiness in an Age of Crisis: Ancient Wisdom from the Eastern Orthodox Church Review

Happiness is not just for easy times and easy living. It is also for hard times and difficulty living.

"St. Clive:" An Eastern Orthodox Author Looks Back at C.S. Lewis Review

Out of all the works the author has written, the ones he would most encourage a reader to read now are included in this collection. About one work in four made the cut, but it remains a prolific collection.

C.S. Lewis formed CJS Hayward as an author. Now Hayward looks back as an Orthodox author.

The Luddite's Guide to Technology Review

The Luddite's Guide to Technology represents the single greatest volume for the author's signal contribution about how we can best live as humans in the technoscape that is available today.

If you read it and you'd like to read more, see the Hidden Price Tags: An Eastern Orthodox Look at the Dark Side of Technology and Its Best Use.

The Good Parts Review

The Orthodox Martial Art is Living the Sermon on the Mount Review

This is a bit different of a work for the writer, and it offers an interesting suggestion.

Orthodox Theology and Technology: A Profoundly Gifted Autobiography Review

This provides an autobiography, and is intended both for people wanting to meet the author behind the books, and for people interested in reading autobiographies.

The Best of Jonathan's Corner Review

This Swiss Army Knife of a book collection holds a broad sampling of many kinds of the author's writing.

"Porn?" is a Question of Cosmological Significance

Using porn is not insignificant. It matters, and it has real significance.

The Sign of the Grail Review

The Sign of the Grail represents the last of the author's novels and a selection of works on the cusp of his becoming more deeply Orthodox.