Book Reviews

Works reviewed in the prestigious Midwest Book Review include:

"The Classic Orthodox Bible" Review

The best place to get the Classic Orthodox Bible is in the series available from the translation's homepage.

"The Good Parts" Review

Out of all the works the author has written, the ones he would most encourage a reader to read now are included in this collection. About one work in four made the cut, but it remains a prolific collection.

"Happiness in an Age of Crisis: Ancient Wisdom from the Eastern Orthodox Church" Review

Happiness is not just for easy times and easy living. It is also for hard times and difficulty living.

"How Can I Take my Life Back from my Phone?" Review

For one of the first books to read about taking your life back from technology.

"Orthodox Theology and Technology: A Profoundly Gifted Autobiography" Review

This provides an autobiography, and is intended both for people wanting to meet the author behind the books, and for people interested in reading autobiographies.