The Best of Jonathan's Corner Review

[D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review] The Best of Jonathan's Corner: An Anthology of Orthodox Christian Theology Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward CJS Hayward Publications ASIN: B0072ZX512 $9.75

Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward's kindle e-book THE BEST OF JONATHAN'S CORNER: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY is a new release recommended for any Christian theology reader and addresses spiritual issues of special concern to any Orthodox Christian. Discussions range from art and worship to the unique Eastern Orthodox perspective on leading a spiritual life and blend essays with poetic and spiritual reflections from Jonathan's Corner.

Author Christos Jonathan Seth Hayward "lives to contemplate God, and worship his glory": that said, he discusses the many ways this feeling can be reflected by 'creating treasure' in life; one of which is Jonathan's Corner, an online storehouse of spiritual thinking.

"There are treasures everywhere" - spiritual insights, that is - and THE BEST OF JONATHAN'S CORNER is one of them.

From an interview discussing "the damned backswing" and category theory's math and relationship to spirituality to the lovely reflection "The Gospel is the story of God changing the game", poetic, spiritual and intellectual observations blend in a series of discourses that are delightfully varied in scope, subject, and insights.

One wouldn't expect the epic poem 'A Pilgrimage From Narnia' to accompany an essay discussing theological 'trick questions' in 'Two Decisive Moments'; nor a spiritual hymn 'Akathist Hymn to St. Philaret the Merciful' to be juxtaposed with a chart analyzing basic philosophical and spiritual questions, Orthodox Christianity, Academic Theology, and Modern Science.

Each piece is a delight: partially because each 'speaks' using a different voice and partially because a diversity of topics and cross-connections between theology and everyday living makes the entire collection a delight to read, packed with unexpected twists, turns, and intellectual challenges.

Fans of C.S. Lewis and similar Christian thinkers will find THE BEST OF JONATHAN'S CORNER: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY an absolute delight.