Awards Won

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This website has won several awards at its previous location, under the names of Eclectica and Jonathan's Corner.

A Glimpse of the Soul Award
Phonex Great Site Award

Angel's Touch Superior Site Award

Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster Award of Excellence (Webmaster Bronze Award)

Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence

Award of Creativity From Summer Dreams

Chandra's Diamond Award

Inspirational Teaching Award

Iris Award For an Excellent Web Site

Webmaster's Excellent Homepage Award

Excellence Award

Love goes Round the World

The Ozz Award

Scoff and Scuff Merit Award

LadyJ's Words of Wisdom Award

Gold Award From

Leigh's Cool Site Award

Critical Mass Award

Jeanne and Ertan's Bronze Award

iNet Bronze Award

Tyrone Bear's Beary Good Content Award

Iris Award

Eye Catcher Respect Award

MomPeepers' 2001 Worth a Peep Award

Summer Dreams Award of Creativity

Pamela's Award of Excellence (Silver)


Castle Roogna's Excellent Site Award

Freaky Frogs Award

Barjteam Gold Award

Master Design Award from TOL Designs

Shadow Poetry Special Achievement Award

Pegasus Best of the Best Award

The Socrates Award

The Socrates Award

1 Simple Guide: Bronze Site Award

ROD 758 Silver Webpage Award

Steel Web Site Award

Nicole's Awesome Site Award

The Creative Depot Gold Creativity Award

Sithami Silver Elephant Award

Blue Award of Excellence, Presented by Cristina On Web

Tamurilart Silver Award

Top Site 2001

Wacki56's Fantasy Award

Glorify the Lord Exemplary Site Award

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance

Simply Elegant Gold Award

Casey's Celtic Charm Bronze Award

Miss G's Heart and Soul Award

Miss G's Award of Excellence

TLTC Wild Adventures Award of Effort

High Powered Graphics Award

Mac's Good as Gold Award

SkyHawk's Fantastic Site Award Design Excellence Award (Bronze)

Pete's Page Award: Cracking Good Site

The Game Puppet Award of Excellence

A Baby's Angel Family Approved Site

Pursuit of Excellence

Diamond Site Award (Silver)

Butterfly Award 2001 Inspirational Site Presented to Jonathan's Corner

Nick's SF Award
American Freedom of Expression Award

Smart New Yorker Smart Site Award

Friendship Award

Learning Fountain

Texas Cook Excellence in Design Award

2nd Bn 1st Marines Web Design Excellence

HoopesOnline Web Design Winner

Sealights' Award of Excellence

A.V.Y.C. Award This Site Floats

Copa Cabana Runners Award

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance

Beacon Award for Outstanding Websites

The Gadzillion Award for Creative Thought on the Internet

Heavenly Cookies Award of Excellence

Anxiety Self-Help Award of Excellence

Cash Fever Top Site Award Tiger Award: 5 Paw Award

Gold Sparkey's Award

Wisdom Award Creative Top Award(R)

CWGA Roman Cross Award

Whispers A & E Award

Alcazaren Bronze Award

The Pixie Pit Gold Award

Ladyses Merit Award of Excellence

Parentime Award

Ashley Alquine Website Award

Red Stag Award for Merit

Spike Art Studios Merit Award

Oneiros One Moonstar Award

JE Web Award Golden Keg Award

Daggett Award Gold 2001

Cool Spot Award

SoapBox Inspirational Site Award

Southern Nytes Award

DRH Design Honor

Best of the Globe Awards
Gold Award Winner, presented by ABTEI
Nodus Awards - Bronze Winner

Teka Webdesigns Website Award

Cherry Tree Bronze Award

Ned's Yup It's a Website Award

The Literary Award from Lady Evalene's Artistic Attic

The Writing Award from Lady Evalene's Artistic Attic

CPSnet Excellent Site Gold

Judy's Land of Enchantment Award

Miss Ped's Gold Award

Artisan Studio Award

Colleen's Corner Bronze

Article Contributor: Award Sites!

(Not a site award, but a recognition of having contributed an article to Award Sites!)

Mad Cool Bronze Award

Homepage Elegance Awarded by Darcy

Peaceworks Merit

Smart New Yorker Award

Shadow Poetry Silver Award

Patricia Skin Care Silver Award

Stan the Man 4 Star Award

Brad[WRX]'s Excellence Award

CyberiaPC Why, That Ain't Bad Award

Riki's Perch Web Elegance Award

Top Dogz Web Design Award

Files of X X-cellent Webpage Design

Clear Skies Stellar Achievement

Matt Flogel's Cool Site Award

Webkin Gold Award

Mona Lisa Select Site Award

Poetry of Life Award

Rhonda's Expressions Bronze Award

Chantel's Top Site Award

Arabian Horse Award

Dream Visions Gold Award

Christ Is In This House Award

Joschi's Award of Excellence

Art Deco Silver Award

Dragon Master Silver Award

One Love Stuff Socially Conscious or Cultural Site Award

Heather and Darby's Best of the Best Award

Jackson's Gold Award for Website Excellence

Home Grown Award of Excellence

Vaughan's Visions Golden Web Award

Lexi Animation Attic Gold Award

Gemini Silver Award

Donkeys R Us 2 Star Award

Silverwolf Silver Award

Web Worksite Bronze Cool Site Award

Diamond Site Award

Top Spot Award of Excellence

Big Oscar Bronze Award

Sinapsis Bronze Award for Intellectual Excellence

Super-Andy Silver Site Award!

Lindor's Bronze Award

Drama Award

Heart and Soul Award

Harbeson and Associates Bronze Medal of Excellence

Handy's Gold Award

Writing Award

Hot Spot Award of Excellence

Kalamuart Excellence Award

Mira's Great Web-Site Award

Musician's Find Cool Site Award

Best of the Net Award

Lady Peaches Silver Award

Darkzone Silver Award

Penmarric Gold Award

Rhianna's Rampage Web Master Website Award

WM8C Ham Links Stamp of Excellence Content Award

Lynx Awards Silver

Fun Tyme Silver Award

Thomas Sims Graves Silver Award

Ruth's Haven Silver Award

Literate Internet Site Award

Web Design Classics Silver Award

Timelines Award of Excellence

Rudolph's Wander Gold Award

Granny's Loft Four Star Poetic Excellence Award

Sergeant Pleiku's Number 1 Website Award

CLL Website Awards Silver Award

Internet Beacon Gold Award

Seasons of Change Silver Award

VSDA Bronze Award

It's Wishcraft Bronze Award

Suicide and Mental Health Association International Award

Yah Yah Merit Award

CPSNet Web Awards High in the Sky Award

Weis Awards Silver Award

Superb! Website 100 Award!

Inside Hotwire 3D Bronze Award

Michael's Award of Excellence

'Top Spot' Award of Excellence Award

Butterfly & Nature Store Award

Barrettsnet Silver Award

Lindor Silver Award

CSB Bronze Award

Timart Spider Award

Morning Star Excellent Site Award

GNAE Bronze Award

Light Emitting Diode Silver Award

Marseille Lions Club Prospective Award

Talking Hands Award

NWESS Bronze Award

WhiteFeather's Bronze Award

Lorelei Silver Award

Mundim Poetic Soul Bronze Award

Mona Lisa Select Site Award

Thomas Sims Graves Silver Award

Crystal Award 1st

Alcazaren Silver Award

Kara Art Gold Award

Mackey Design Silver Award

Tamuril Art Gold Award

Pelaqita Bronze Award

Advanced Web Design Gold Award

Nautical Award

Becky K's Silver Award

Penmarric Gold Award

Hugs R Us Gold Peace Award

Reach for the Stars Gold Award

Award of Paradise Bronze Award

Fun Tyme Bronze Award

Timart Silver Spider Award

CSB Silver Award

Michael's Award of Excellence: Gold

Storm Keeper Award

It's Wishcraft!!! Bronze Award

Hugs R Us Best of the Best Gold Award

Hugs R Us New Year

Nodus Awards - Evaluate This Site