Et Cetera I like to create—usually by writing, but I’ve made other things as well. This is a collection of all sorts of things I’ve created (besides writing and besides a role playing game I cherish). Some are very serious; some are very silly. The most recent addition here is A Facebook portrait for Orthodox clergy. … Continue reading “Et Cetera”

How to Think About Psychology: An Orthodox Look at a Secular Religion

Own it in Paper! Introduction: A study of secularization Thomas Dixon in Theology, Anti-Theology, and Atheology: From Christian Passions to Secular Emotions, offers a model of societal secularization intended to be a more robust than just seeing “theology vs. anti-theology,” “theology vs. theology in disguise,” or “theology vs. anti-theology in disguise.” He argues for a … Continue reading “How to Think About Psychology: An Orthodox Look at a Secular Religion”


CJS Hayward → Et Cetera → Art Here are assorted pieces of visual art. As well as the pieces here, you might enjoy looking through the pictures on the homepage. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane?. Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthane? (medium) A watercolor that I made my … Continue reading “Art”

Theology & Creations

This is an author’s library of free online books, centered on Orthodox books. Whether you want to read online novels, or short stories, or theology and homilies, or other literature, why not look around here? Orthodox Theology Go to:   Orthodox theology   Articles   Assorted Creations   Journals   Miscellaneous Nonfiction   Novels   … Continue reading “Theology & Creations”

Start Page

  Email: Yahoo CJS Hayward: About, Et Cetera, The Minstrel’s Song, Sitemap, Library The Onion Dome The Powered Access Bible Weather I’ve made this page as a start page for people to load in their browsers. It’s meant to be one-stop shopping with the majority of sites I visit freqently. It has something of a … Continue reading “Start Page”

Game Master’s Introduction

Own it in Paper! Section I: Initial comments. The game master should know and understand the material in the general player’s section, and in addition the material in the game master’s section. The game master is the referee and the “everyone else”, the one who designs adventures and governs the pretend world play occurs in. … Continue reading “Game Master’s Introduction”

Can You Smoke Without Inhaling? Martial Arts and the Orthodox Christian

Own it in Paper! I have met this kind of slippery words in Orthodoxy, and I did not like it then either. I remember one subdeacon proudly explaining that he had dealt with Evangelicals, gently defusing doubt about venerating the Mother of God by saying, “You wouldn’t be disrespectful to your mother, would you?“The late … Continue reading “Can You Smoke Without Inhaling? Martial Arts and the Orthodox Christian”

Firestorm 2034

Own it in Paper! When I read a book, I usually skip or maybe skim the acknowledgements; I find a long list of names of people I’ve never heard of to be deadly dull. There have been two times that I’ve read a list of acknowledgments that I’ve actually liked. One was written by a … Continue reading “Firestorm 2034”

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (and Their Answers)

Own it in Paper! Frequently asked questions (and their answers) Could I reprint or redistribute something from this site? Could you tell me a bit about yourself? Do you mind if I email you? How can I navigate this site? How is this site organized? There’s a lot of stuff here. Where should I start? … Continue reading “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (and Their Answers)”

Hayward’s Unabridged Dictionary

Surgeon General’s Warning This book was written by the inspiration of Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, and if that doesn’t scare you, it should. I would say one thing that applies both to The Devil’s Dictionary and this work (which was originally titled The Devil’s Theological Dictionary). Read a page or two, and it will … Continue reading “Hayward’s Unabridged Dictionary”