A Note to Single Evangelical Women

Among American Evangelicals, there are significantly more women than men. Among American Orthodox, there are significantly more men than women, and it is not a case of The odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Eastern Orthodoxy attracts real men. Part of the picture may be that Evangelicalism gives men a concept of spiritual growth as a close personal relationship with another man, while Orthodoxy gives a concept of spiritual growth as deification. Orthodoxy lets men be men and women be women; also, Orthodoxy does not make women feel wrong if despite years of the best feminist indoctrination, they just want to have kids.

I am not suggesting a feigned or nominal interest in Orthodoxy just to land a husband. I am suggesting, however, that it would be worth exploring Orthodoxy, and in particular to visit Orthodox services. They may seem strange and unfamiliar at first, but there is something good about that.

Protestants are discovering Orthodoxy now that the gender rainbow has people searching for a real Church now more than ever.

So, I invite you to start attending Orthodox services, and play things by ear from there. My local tradition's parish locator is here (it says it's not working, but it worked for me to find parishes near where we are).

I invite you to at least try out visiting Orthodox parishes. You may end up with much more than a Master of Relational Studies degree!