Mobile Web Proxy

When I began using my cell phone's web browser, it displayed error pages for quite a lot of stuff on the web. Browsing the web from my cell phone was a lot like trying to read a book or a magazine with large chunks simply ripped out. And when I tried troubleshooting, I might have missed something, but it seemed like a big problem without an easily available solution.

So I tried to provide my own solution. I made a free mobile proxy server that would present webpages for the mobile web so that they would display in a way that would work for my cell phone's web browser and let me access pages I couldn't access before.

If you would like to download the Mobile Web Proxy server, you are invited to do so. I suggest the most recent-numbered version marked "stable".

License: This mobile web proxy server is free software, available under your choice of the Artistic, GPL, and MIT licenses. If you like this software, you are invited to consider linking to


Version Unix/Linux tar.gz Unix/Linux tar.bz2
1.2, stable mobile1_2.tar.gz mobile1_2.tar.bz2
1.1, development mobile1_1.tar.gz mobile1_1.tar.bz2
1.0, stable mobile1_0.tar.gz mobile1_0.tar.bz2
1.0b, development mobile1_0b.tar.gz mobile1_0b.tar.bz2