The Minstrel's Song

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The Minstrel's Song

A Role Playing Game

Welcome to the home page of The Minstrel's Song! Here you can download and read about the role playing game, and the roguelike. The game has a very rich world, with seven detailed cultures—as you read about the cultures, you may find yourself seeing through these people's eyes:

The storytelling of the Nor'krin
The horseplay of the Tuz
The tinkering of the Urvanovestilli
The song of the Yedidia
The simple ways of the Jec
The peace of the Shal
The pranks of the Janra.

The cultures are written out of the author's experience on three continents, and add depth and color to game play. As one player said during playtesting:

Tuz are all action.
Urvanovestilli are all words.
Shal are all being.
Janra are all goofs.

Like something you see here? Don't like something you see here? Want to write the author? Contact me! There is also a list of recent additions to this site, sorted by date.

If you're looking for a place to start, why not read Janra Ball: The Headache?

An Example of Play

I also have the beginning of a TMS play by e-mail campaign online. Reading it might give you a feel for what play is like. The campaign is closed.

The Fantasy World

The cultures of this Christian fantasy world have been worked out in detail: The World Espiriticthus.

Playing Materials

Player's Introduction
Game Master's Introduction (short)
A Mathematical Model (short, optional)

Background Reading

General Comments and Theological Groundings (medium)
Further Notes (medium)

A Game Within a Game: From Espiriticthus to Our World

Here's a piece I wrote about some of the local color in the game:

Janra Ball: the Headache (short)

A Roguelike Computer Game

A "roguelike" computer game (long), very retro, can be downloaded here for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Macintosh.