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Eloi, Eloi, Lema Sabachthane?
The Good Shepherd
St. John the Much-Suffering
A Personal Flag


The Administrator Who Cried, "Important!"
Friendly, win-win negotiations in business: Interest-based negotiation and "Getting to Yes"
An Open Letter from a Customer: I Don't WANT to Abuse Your Employees and Be Rewarded for Gaming the System
So, You've Hired a Hacker (Revised and Expanded)

Computers, Technology, and Internet

Ajax without JavaScript or Client-Side Scripting
All I Really Needed to Learn About Programming, I Learned from Java
The blacksmith's forge: An Extension to Euclidean Geometric Construction as a Model of Computation
The Case for Uncreative Web Design
"Concept Demo" Awards Program
If You Want to Link to Jonathan's Corner
An Open Letter to Spam Patrons
Passwords Maker
Tinkering With Perl
Usability for hackers: Developers, anthropology, and making software more usable
Usability, the soul of Python: An Introduction to Programming Python Through the Eyes of Usability

Web services

Games and Amusement

Catch the Furball
A four dimensional maze
Game Review: Meatspace
The Portal
Virtual Tour

Role Playing (The Minstrel's Song)

Download Computer Game
Espiriticthus: Cultures of a Fantasy World Not Touched by Evil
Further Notes
Game Master's Introduction
General Comments and Theological Groundings
Janra ball: The Headache
Player's Introduction
Play by E-mail (Closed)
A Simple Mathematical Model

Giftedness and Stretching Your Mind

An Abstract Art of Memory
Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh: A Look at Profound Giftedness Through Orthodox Anthropology
The Hayward Nonstandard Test: An Interesting Failure
Memory and Prayer
Seven-Sided Gem
The Wagon, the Blackbird, and the Saab
Why Study Mathematics?


Automated Windows Tech Support
A Fully Functional Windows 95 Emulator That Runs Right in Your Browser
Janra ball: The Headache
Jobs for Theologians
Microsoft Offers Better "Truth in Advertising" for Windows XP Dialog Box
The Modern Baccalaureate
Procedures for the Adjustment and Repair of Televisions
The Quintessential Web Page
Today, Florida Orange Juice. Tomorrow...

Orthodox Humor

1054 and All That
Archdruid of Canterbury Visits Orthodox Patriarch
Devotees of Fr. Cherubim (Jones) Demand his Immediate Canonization and Full Recognition as "Equal to the Heirophants"
Evangelical Converts Striving to Be Orthodox
Pope Makes Historic Ecumenical Bid to Woo Eastern Rite Catholics
Your Fast Track to Becoming a Bishop!


Favorite Haunts


Homemade Pinball Machine HOWTO
In Celebration of Tribbles (and FurReal Pets)
The "natural cycle" liturgical clock

Open Source Software

DEC64 Is the Wave of the Past
I Miss Aqua: A Retro-Themed Maverick
The blacksmith's forge: An extension to Euclidean geometric construction as a model of computation
CFL: A truly unique distributed version control system
The Data Mine
Hayward\s free intranet employee photo directory
The mobile web proxy
Pinax 0.7.3 Made Available Once Again
Private logistics: Privacy-sensitive todo, calendar, scratchpad, personal information management (PIM)
The Powered Access Bible
Proportional font terminal: A better Linux / Unix / Mac term
Sidebar in a Can
Spaghetti Parenthesis Visualizer


The Fulfillment of Feminism
Knights and Ladies
The Mindstorm
The Patriarchy We Object To
Plato: The Allegory of the... Flickering Screen?

Religion and Spirituality

Actually, to Me, It Is a Very Good Day
Amazing Providence
Blessed are the peacemakers: Real peace through real strength
Christian Koans
The Commentary
Dark Patterns / Anti-patterns and Cultural Context Study of Scriptural Texts: A Case Study in Craig Keener's Paul, Women, and Wives: Marriage and Women's Ministry in the Letters of Paul
Does Augustine Return to the Interpersonal Image of Love as Representing the Trinity, or Does He Abandon This in Favour of the Psychological Image?
Fingerprinted Collects
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
He Created Them Male and Female, Masculine and Feminine
Incarnation and deification
The Incarnation: Orthodoxy, Islam, and the Reformation
Jonathan's Canon
Journal of an Awakening
On Kything
Memory and Prayer
On Mentorship
The Metacultural Gospel
Some Thoughts About Heaven
A Strange Picture
Theology of Play
A Treatise on Touch
The Voyage
The Watch
The Way of the Way
What the West Doesn't Get About Jihadists and Islam
A Wonderful Life

Eastern Orthodoxy

Akathist Hymn to St. Philaret the Merciful
The Angelic Letters
Apprentice gods
Apps and Mobile Websites for the Orthodox Christian Smartphone and Tablet: Best iPhone, iPad, Droid, Samsung, Android, Kindle, and Blackberry Mobile Websites and Apps
The Arena
An author's musing memoirs about his work: Retrospective Reflections, Retracings, and Retractions
Athanasius: On Creative Fidelity
That Beautiful Strength
The Best Things in Life Are Free
Can You Smoke Without Inhaling? Martial Arts and the Orthodox Christian
The Christmas Tales
Our Crown of Thorns
The Damned Backswing
Dissent: Lessons From Being an Orthodox theology Student at a Catholic University
Does God Suffer?
Do We Have Rights?
The Eighth Sacrament
Exotic Golden Ages and Restoring Harmony with Nature: Anatomy of a passion
Farewell to Gandhi: The Saint and the Activist
Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh: A Look at Profound Giftedness Through Orthodox Anthropology
Friendly, win-win negotiations in business: Interest-based negotiation and "Getting to Yes"
From Russia, with Love: A Spiritual Guide to Surviving Political and Economic Disaster
A Glimpse into Eastern Orthodoxy
God the Game Changer
God the Spiritual Father
Halloween: A solemn farewell
C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength: science and magic, spirit and matter, and the figure of Merlin
The Horn of Joy: A meditation on eternity and time, kairos and chronos
How to Find a Job: A Guide for Orthodox Christians
How Shall I Tell an Alchemist?
How Shall We Live This Instant?
How to Survive an Economic Depression
On humor
Humor Delivers Pain
The Hydra
Hymn to the Creator of Heaven and Earth
"Inclusive" Language and Other Debates: An Orthodox Alumnus Responds to his Advisor
Introduction to the Jesus Prayer
The Labyrinth
The Law of Attraction: A Dialogue with an Eastern Orthodox Christian Mystic
Lesser icons: Reflections on Icons, Faith, and Art
Looking at "Stranger in a Strange Land" as a Modern Christological Heresy
The Luddite's Guide to Technology: Fasting from technologies
The Martian Human Complete Set of Working Instructions to Happiness: Life, the Paleo Diet, (Paleo) Orthodoxy, and Other Things
Maximum Christ, Maximum Ambition, Maximum Repentance
The most politically incorrect sermon in history: A commentary on the Sermon on the Mount
Modus Tollens: Meandering reflections on life, faith, and politics
Note to Orthodox evolutionists: Stop trying to retroactively shanghai recruit the Fathers to your camp!
Not Stressed?
Oops... Could the Western Rite Please Try Again?
An Open Letter to Catholics on Orthodoxy and Ecumenism
An Orthodox Bookshelf
An Orthodox Looks at a Calvinist Looking at Orthodoxy
Orthodoxy, contraception, and spin doctoring: A Look at an Influential but Disturbing Article
The Orthodox Martial Art Is Living the Sermon on the Mount
Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: Beyond The Secret and the Law of Attraction
Passwords Maker
A Pet Owner's Rules
A Pilgrimage from Narnia
The Pleasure-Pain Syndrome
Privilege, Pure Privilege—Extreme Privilege
Psalm picker
Public Portions of the Divine Liturgy, in Russian and in English
Refutatio Omnium Hæresium
Repentance, Heaven's Best-Kept Secret
The Royal Letters
A Shaft of Grace
Silence: Organic food for the soul
"Social antibodies needed: A request of Orthodox clergy
The Swiss Army Knife and God
Take Your Shoes Off Your Feet, for the Place Where You Stand Is Holy Ground
The Transcendent God Who Approaches Us Through Our Neighbor
Treasures in Heaven: The Inner Meaning of "Do Not Store Up Treasures On Earth"
Twelve Quotes on Orthodoxy, Ecumenism, and Catholicism
Two Decisive Moments
Un-man's tales: C.S. Lewis's Perelandra, fairy tales, and feminism
What Makes Me Uneasy About Fr. Seraphim (Rose) and His Followers
What the Present Debate Won't Tell You About Headship
Where is the good of women? Feminism is called "The women's movement." But is it?
Why This Waste?
A Yoke That Is Easy and a Burden That Is Light
Your Own, Personal Hell

Religion and Science, Technology and Faith

AI as an arena of magical thinking for skeptics: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciece, and Eastern Orthodox Views on Personhood
Apps and Mobile Websites for the Orthodox Christian Smartphone and Tablet: Best iPhone, iPad, Droid, Samsung, Android, Kindle, and Blackberry Mobile Websites and Apps
Creation and Holy Orthodoxy: Fundamentalism Is Not Enough
The Evolution of a Perspective on Creation and Origins
The Luddite's Guide to Technology: Fasting from technologies
QUICK! What Is Your Opinion About Chemistry?
"Religion and Science" Is Not Just Intelligent Design vs. Evolution
St. John the Much-Suffering
Technonomicon: Technology, Nature, Ascesis
What Evolutionists Have to Say to the Royal, Diving Image: We're Missing Something
Why Young Earthers Aren't Completely Crazy


Hayward's Unabridged Dictionary
Inclusive Language Greek Manuscript Discovered
Religion Within the Bounds of Amusement
A Strange Archaeological Find
Unvera Announces New Kool-Aid Line

Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy


A Dream of Light
Espiriticthus: Cultures of a Fantasy World Not Touched by Evil
A Glimpse Through a Crystal
The Monastery
A Picture of Evil
The Sign of the Grail
The Spectacles
The Steel Orb

Science Fiction

Firestorm 2034
Within the Steel Orb

Toastmasters Speeches

The ice breaker: Why such harassment?
Organize your speech: iPhones and spirituality